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New Website Under Construction
28 April 2015

My blogging goal has changed. I used to try and write complete 'How to' articles. Now I wish to find a voice in short observational posts. More of a weblog. The subject area that I would like to pursue in my new blog will be web application development. Anything Java related.

I am building the replacement website with Java and Java Server Faces (JSF). I am going with a Bootstrap look too. I like Bootstrap; it's easy to work with.

I cannot wait to start blogging again now I have formed a plan so I have started a blog about the creation of the new blog platform over a Blogspot.

I will be getting the first iteration of my new blog and website ready for the end of June 2015. Ready for Devoxx Krakow. I have my ticket and I cannot wait to go.

Devoxx Poland Attendee Badge

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