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En Route to Devoxx Poland
18 June 2015

This Sunday I am heading to Krakow to attend the 2015 Devoxx Poland Java conference. It's the first Devoxx in Poland. The conference has sold out all of its 2000 tickets. Wow, 2000 Java programmers in one place at one time. I can hardly wait. The conference commences on Monday and runs for three days.

I have planned out which talks I'm hoping to watch. Being keen on distributed computing, I am looking to go to most of the microservices talks. I would like to learn what's new in microservices (slash distributed computing), how it's being done nowadays, and what the current known pros, cons, issues and solutions are.

The conference has a few interesting looking talks on security too. I am hoping to go to the security talks. Being keen on RESTful web services, I would like to go to Erik Jan de Wit talk on OAuth2.

As well as the great content of the conference, I'm looking forward to the opportunity of chatting with other Java developers. Devoxx Poland here I come.

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