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CDI Dropping Scope: Spot the Bug?
22 March 2017

It took me a while to get to the bottom of why CDI seemed to be dropping @ViewScoped and @SessionScoped beans. @RequestScope was not behaving properly ether.

It took a lot of digging in the application's codebase and a lot of watching the Debugger before narrowing down the course. Anyway here is the culprit; can you spot the bug?

<h:link outcome="#{navbar.logout()}" >Logout</h:link>

That is from an extract of a composite component that is used on every page of the application. Hence, CDI seemed to be dropping scope.

@Named(value = "navbar")
public class Navbar implements Serializable {
    private HttpServletRequest request;

    public String logout() {
        return "/index?faces-redirect=true";


For completeness, the extracts CDI backing bean.

I hope you enjoyed this issue more than I did.

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