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I have been struggling to configure the Java EE WildFly application server's Logging subsystem. I was finding that any changes to the configuration within domain.xml where not making any difference to what was or was not actually being logged. I finally got to the bottom of the issue.

The project, I am working on, used to run with embedded Jetty. This means some old configuration files have hung around erroneously. The old configuration files should have been deleted - but never was.

What I have learnt: WildFly's Logging subsystem uses deployment level configuration over container level configuration by default. That means old Log4j configuration files were being read by WildFly. Once I removed the old Log4j configuration files WildFly began logging as expected.

I have found out that any of the file names in the following list documented by Ritchie (2014) will be read as deployment level configuration by WildFly.

  • log4j.xml
  • jboss-log4j.xml

Hope this helps.

Ritchie, C. 2014. WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration (Second Edition), Packt Publishing, p 56.


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