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The first push of a new Git branch, when given as git push will remind you to set the upstream.

The following command will capture that reminder and then run it.

$(git push 2>&1 | grep "git push")

Tags: GitGREP


Here is a handy way of deleting Docker containers using GREP.

docker rm -f $(docker ps | grep <grep term> | awk ‘{print $1}’)

And here is a handy way of deleting Docker images using GREP.

docker rmi -f $(docker images | grep <grep term> | awk ‘{print $3}’)


This is a note on a simple regular expression to GREP for exceptions in a group of log files.

I have been debugging an issue unsure of what to look for. Of course 'Exception' on its own is not a great search term. Using a negative look-behind made the difference in trying to narrow down on what to look for. The look-behind made it possible to rule out the name of some of the exceptions that are not important to the issue at hand.



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